The Femme Chronicles


About The Project:

The Femme Chronicles is a mixed-media project archiving folks who redefine their own meaning of femme identity through portraiture and videography, as featured in Strange Sisters: The Insatiable Redux at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (2013).

4 Models:

Bridget Liang is a transfeminine genderqueer. Bridget likes talking about bodies, porn, and representational politics. Bikini Kill aka Blinks is a one year old very active kitty/fox that lives with Bridge.

Juli(a) Rivera is a local artivist from Germany, currently living in Toronto. You can find their blog here:

Julian A. Perez is a performer and activist for people with disabilities. You can catch them as either Sparkle, a hyperactive ego, or as Margarita Venezuela, the Latin-American intersected beauty. You can find their website here: 

Kiley May is a gender alien, artist, model, witch, shaman, oracle, and lightworker. Kiley is known for their film Homo Noeticus (

Additional Acknowledgment:

Thank you to all the hard femmes, high femmes, sick and disabled femmes, androgynous femmes, and femmes of colour.

Thank you to all of the fat femmes, trans* femmes, aging femmes, queer*-spektrum femmes, sex worker femmes, tomboy femmes, cash poor femmes, and femmes who inter- sect one/more/all of these groups: Your acts of resistance are making space for variations on femme-identity and presentation, creating a nurturing home for new and blossoming femme folks.

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