I Say This As A Gift


“So much of queer history is oral history, stories you happen to hear when you meet someone who has accomplished and seen magical things. Hearing Desh Pardesh Artistic Director Punam Khosla talk powerfully about how Shyam Selvadurai got his first book deal at the iconic Desh Pardesh queer arts festival in the 90s; Former Buddies Artistic Director Sarah Stanley reminiscing with a smile about the original run of Strange Sisters and the moments in the back alley behind the theatre; Coman Poon sharing stories about what Buddies was like when it was housed on George St. These are moments are gifts that we want you to receive…Upon arriving at the Gladday a guide will take you from person to person. You’ll have a chance to see spaces in the Gladday that you normally wouldn’t see, such as the storage room the rooftop stairway, the back rooftop porch, and the office.”

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