Essential Things For Surviving As A Young Black LGBTQ Freelancer

In the spirit of celebration of the achievements and contributions of Black Canadians to the vibrancy of Canadian culture, I would like to present this piece authored by Fonna Seidu about the trials and tribulations of being a young media worker in the precarious culture of freelance. She speaks to her colleagues Kim Katrin Milan and Kamilah Apong about the joys of being your own boss but also the frustrations of the “feast and famine” times of freelance. This piece is a snapshot of the reality faced by young black workers launching their careers and becoming the seasoned workers that tell the stories of all aspects of Canadian life. In the voices of these workers we find the common ground that we share in the media, and reinforces our sense of solidarity and pride in the work that we do.

– Terri Monture, Staff Representative, CMG

Read the Article via CMG

Feedback from Facebook:A comment under the article

Watch the full 50-minute Interview


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