My Work

Hard conversations are necessary for personal growth. The strength and vulnerability required for an individual to unlearn information motivates me to engage in anti-oppression and equity work. I also love helping to facilitate discussions around harm reduction and self-care.

Care Bear:
As an organized person I like to be consistently stable so that I can ground folks who are scattered. Moreover, envisioning ideas isn’t enough for me; so completing action-lists genuinely satisfies my task-oriented personality.

Opportunity Curator:
I explore, collect, and share relevant information to excel people towards success. The information ranges from employment postings, community programming, funding deadlines, free resources, and more.

Kim Katrin Milan said, “we rarely recognize or have time to reflect when we are ‘making history’… [BIPOC] Queer, Trans, 2 Spirit communities are often denied the right to be the authors, archivists and distributors of our own collective stories. We have a unique ability to find the political in the personal and the magic in the mundane, because these stories resonate with us on deeply personal levels. Our subjectivity is key in crafting beautiful and rich portraits of our communities in motion.” This encapsulates my archival practice and the work I do as an artist.