Raise Your Hand If You’re A 20-Something & Are Scared Of All The Potential You Hold.

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Image via Unsplash by Antoine Beauvillain

Raise your hand if you are a 20-something & are scared of all the potential you hold. You are also welcome to raise your hand in your mind.

We are not alone. I say “we” because over the past few months I’ve encountered many other young adults who have projects brewing, goals lined up, and dreams upon dreams (myself included).

Dreams give us a direction but they stay in our heads.

We need to change dreams into visions that have actionable steps behind them. A person can dream for days but nothing will get done until you take the first step.

Need some help? Here is a snippet of an article that I read this morning that got me motivated:

2) Use “Minimum Viable Effort”

Want to floss more often? Okay, just floss one tooth. Sound silly? That’s fine.
Just like your mom told you: focus on baby steps – via bakadesuyo.com

It sounded like an absurd idea, but reading further down the article it made lots of sense.

Good luck on your journey, it is only the beginning!

When Multitasking Is Effective

There are countless resources out there that outline how multitasking is ineffective and turns your brain into mush. I agree, to an extent. The part of me that agrees uses the pomodoro technique for focusing. The part that disagrees are tried and true life examples of creating 2-in-1 deals for myself.

How-To be a productive multi-tasker, mix your activities together.

Pair a cognitive activity with a physical activity. It seems like common sense, but sometimes folks need a reminder. Here are some examples of my favourite multitasking activities:

  1. Washing the dishes while microwaving food (got this from my momma)
  2. Listening to a podcast while cleaning my room or while riding the bus
  3. Curate my twitter and instagram feeds into one area with hootsuite
  4. Make a phone call while brewing a cup of coffee
  5. Outline my upcoming blog post while taking a shower (I even explain the content aloud if necessary)
  6. Attending a workshop/keynote/lecture and doodling

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The Benefits of Doodling

In high school, I never used to doodle in the margins of textbooks because I had the experience of receiving books muddled with doodle disasters. Trying to follow social norms, I had countless years of sitting upright in my chair, hands still, and eyes on the lecturer in the front of the room.
In 2014, at the onset of a 3-hour workshop, a facilitator verbally gave us permission to play with pipe cleaners and draw. That day changed my life forever. I shamelessly spread out my markers in board meetings, unapologetically doodled while I sat at the very front of a lecture hall, and even encouraged my future workshop participants to doodle while I talked.

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Photo by Fonna Seidu - Pink post-it note with a to-do list. Item 1: upload portrait session to flickr and tag images; item 2: finalize social media workshop outline; item 3: confirm transportation details for feb and march events

My Most Productive Day Ever in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever had a day where you wanted to get stuff done but the odds were against you? Maybe a day binge-watching shows and movies on Netflix? Or possibly, being scatter-brained and working on 7-10 things interchangeably in a day? Hopefully the steps below will help streamline your work practice for a better work day!

Step 1. Pick Your Top Three Tasks

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All-In-One Social Media Stream (Almost)

“80% of smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up” – via constant contact

GUILTY! I check instagram first. If I have time I’ll check a few Twitter lists or my Facebook page. Recently, I’ve been able to ensure that my start time is flexible so I can spend those extra moments reading a blog post or look up what’s trending on Black Twitter.

At least one day every two weeks I am listening, sharing, commenting, liking, and writing down content ideas.

Social media listening, also known as social media monitoring, is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand on the Internet. – via TechTarget

My favourite free tool at the moment is Hootsuite. It houses my Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn feeds (sadly, it doesn’t show what’s happening on Facebook). My life changed when I could put them all in one area instead of opening a bunch of apps on my tablet. Social media listening has never been so easy. I can have feeds that are searching keywords – KEYWORDS! The game is changing and it is exciting.

Do you ever have a great flow going, and all you want to do is post a bunch of random things at once? That’s when I use hootsuite. If you have multiple platforms, try it out and share with me your experience!

What app do you open right away when you wake up?

Name Rant

This may seem very narcissistic of me but at times I tire of having to repeat my name, then repeat it again with physical gestures, then have to spell it out, then explain where it came from. NAH. For folks who have amazing names where introducing yourself is a process, I see you.


Pronounced “Phone-Ahh”

A great way to remember my name is with a telephone gesture.

Created from my parents’ names.

(Fo) + (na) + an extra (n) in the middle = Fo+n+na

Feel free to research the meaning of it somewhere if you feel so inclined.

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Success: Step by Step – Weekly Goals

As ya’ll know, I’ve been laying out 2016 with the help of this fabulous article. Melissa Joy Kong shares:

When you break your monthly sub-goals down like this, you basically create a detailed road map for making stuff happen. It seems so obvious, but no one plans like this. That’s why most people fail (in addition to not creating strategies to eradicate triggers that lead to wasting time). 

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