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AfriPop Headshot by Hannan Saleh Snapshot

Fonna Seidu is a queer-identified Black-Filipin@ radical care bear, community artist, and an avid action-lister. She is energized by archival collaborations, grassroots education, and alternative media outlets. She wholeheartedly supports community building, personal development, and self-care practices.

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Artist Statement

My purpose is to archive, motivate, energize, and coordinate.
Documenting started when friends repeatedly commented on my terrible memory. In order to remember all of my magical experiences I carry a camera around hoping to capture moments surrounding me. My archival process developed into collecting faces, circumstances, and movements relevant to me and the community at large. I decided to concentrate on telling stories through candids, giving my soul more of an active story, unlike any portrait could ever provide.
The nucleus of my work is collective growth – in order to explore this I crave team projects that push my boundaries and comfort zones. Additionally, I cherish invitations to record the fleeting seconds of life.
Themes my work explores and challenge include (re)discovery, imperfection, (re)defining beauty, and intimacy.

Fonna Seidu
Toronto, CAN
September 2015

Photo Credit: Hannan Saleh