Name Rant

This may seem very narcissistic of me but at times I tire of having to repeat my name, then repeat it again with physical gestures, then have to spell it out, then explain where it came from. NAH. For folks who have amazing names where introducing yourself is a process, I see you.


Pronounced “Phone-Ahh”

A great way to remember my name is with a telephone gesture.

Created from my parents’ names.

(Fo) + (na) + an extra (n) in the middle = Fo+n+na

Feel free to research the meaning of it somewhere if you feel so inclined.

People with “regular” names get upset that their names are misspelled.

Calm down Ammandaa.


What really irks me is that there is RACIST bullshit like this:


racism 5

Come on folks can we just calm the fuck down with this?

On the plus side, I don’t have to deal with this:


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