Success: Step by Step

Goal creation, planning, and execution is tricky. Starting in 2010, every year on my birthday I would set annual goals. I called them “flexi plans” because I know that change is inevitable.

In 2015 created a 5-year goal projection. I wished to get married to my high-school sweetheart, own two dogs, clear majority of my OSAP loan, and take a trip to Japan. *PFFFFTTT* Zero of four have been completed within the past 5 years – all goals were very possible, but didn’t happen.

This year I created an 11 year projection with the help of this article, by Melissa Joy Kong, called The Most Effective Goal Setting Plan You’ll Ever Find.

Fonna Life Planning

I took my large goals:
– international media production work
– a comfortable work-life balance
– moving away from home
– owning a cottage
– doing healing/health work on the side

With the guidance of  numerology, I then spaced out my large goals. For example, this year (personal year 6) was about relationships and responsibilities and boy-oh-boy did I get a large shift in those areas of my life! Next year (personal year 7) is about learning and development where I hope to learn more about admin, producing, accounting, and more so that I can apply those skills towards my future career. Writing it out really supports my femmifestation process because it helps me focus on what I want instead of having my dreams lost and jumbled in my google drive for a rainy day.

With step 1/5 complete, this weekend I move on to step 2/5 for 2016 and will be concentrating on my monthly achievements. As I am getting a better understanding of how to work smarter and not harder, I am also keeping in mind the importance of taking breaks.

What are your goals for next year? 5 years? 10 years?

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