Celebrating Tita Fely

Celebrating Tita Fely

Our family gathered together to celebrate 1 year of my Tita Fely’s passing. As always we had food, fun, and laughs. When I was younger (as a rebellious-ish teenager), I would skip out on family functions and prioritize work or other things. Now that our parents are entering their 50’s we are recognizing the importance of family and gathering – myself especially.

My mom & my titas all bonded while they were younger and they all started having kids around the same time (Adam and I – the oldest – were born in the same year). These women set the grounds for my appreciation of chosen families.

Fam - Drawn by Cousin Josephine

The drawn pictures are by Sammie and Josephine. I brought markers because I knew the family would be split – parents downstairs, kids upstairs where the boys are playing video games and the girls chillin around the boys.

Tita Fely we love you.

Lola I love you.

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