A Saturday of Collectives: G.Y.C & W.V.A.C

I was a dull speck of dust until we floated into the light and shimmered gloriously – Fonna Seidu

GYC Member Meeting at StudioY

Grassroots Youth Collaborative Member Meeting at Studio Y

GYC has been a game-changer for over 10 years and continues to skyrocket. As the Outreach Worker of AVNU (GYC partner) and a volunteer of The People Project (GYC Member), I joined the table with other amazing youth leaders from organizations such as Spoke N’ Heard, R.I.S.E EdutainmentCaveman Studios, The Battle Field Project, and Power to Girls Foundation. The session was a 4-hour strategic planning meeting where we planned 4 sections but got stuck in the first stage – it wasn’t a bad stuck because we heard the stories that relate each organization/individual to their connection with GYC. I am also a person who has multiple ways of learning so I was glad there were materials (paper, markers, stickers, and pipe cleaners) for me to utilize. Some great insights/quotes that I pulled out of the session include:

“We are ancestors as well as predecessors” – Jordan Viera

“Like a house was only a frame.” – Jasmine Ali

“This is a space our hears live in” – Nate Gerber

World Vision Artist Collective at Drake Underground

World Vision Artist Collective at Drake Underground

Context: CMG Freelance asked me to write an article to discuss the complexities of being a Black freelancer and I interviewed two wonderful Black queer women in my life, Kamilah Apong and Kim Katrin Milan. Instead of just submitting words, I filmed the interview and will have pictures accompanying the article so I had to get some images of Kam doin’ her thing on stage.

Oh boy what a line-up! DJ PHD, Faiza, Unbuttoned, DJ HustleGRL, Taya Marquis, and Gadda. I had so much fun last night!

DJ HustleGRL thoo?!
Three songs in and fell into fangirl mode. She’s been making press through Remix and working SO HARD in the industry. I recommend you to follow her on all social media platforms because she is a shooting star.

Kam’s voice…glorious. I feel like she didn’t get enough airtime but I heard her voice resonate throughout the performance. Whenever she has a chance to do a solo or an a capella piece, I think I will melt from the beauty in her voice.

Thanks for reading!

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