Production Value$

FACTOR Mentorship with Manifesto at Coalition MusicMy work with the AVNU Collaborative led me to attend the FACTOR Mentor Class Series 2015: Session #1 – Production Value$ with Manifesto and Coalition Music. The conversation was great but the turnout was small because of the snowfall. It disappoints me when I see young folks flake out on an opportunity because they are inconvenienced (I can’t deny that in some cases it’s justified). The panelists, Fresh Kils | Adam Royce | King Reign, shared great nuggets of information about marketing themselves and catering music according to clients’s requests vs. exploring their own creative processes. If you are interested in more panel discussions, keep an eye out on Manifesto’s site for more information; there will be one every week of March 2015.

King Reign Promotional Tweet via AVNU

I also had a chance to learn a bit more about the panelists while promoting the event through the AVNU social media channels. King Reign and Fresh Kils took to me with their work. I recommend checking out their stuff online!

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