{Instagram} Sundays

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Ugh, i just wanna pick up and go...

The first week of summer school started last week and it was hectic; all I wanted to do was dip into my savings and take the next flight outta’ here!

Posin' sexily for the cameraA lovely perspective shot of my kitty sleeping after the rain storm #shestiredfromdoingnothingallday

My two loves…Amber and Kitty/Katrina

The art of seduction by robert greene on "the siren"

Reading “The Art of Seduction” at Chapters, enticed yet?

Waiting for Bully to startDid some MAJOR shopping today...

The view of the street while waiting for the movie Bully to start (which I highly recommend everyone to see) || On Mother’s day I did some selfish shopping – or as I like to consider it: Happy Me Not Being a Mother Day 😀

Sassy silkscreening

A gorgeous view of Beverly Street before the Sassy Screen Printing at 377 Dundas Street West

Still in the process :DFinal products!

During the Sassy Screen Printing Event (hosted by participants from Outwords) || Some of the creations by the participants

8am patterns before piano class

I snapped this pic before heading to piano class

Jounaling to some balads Lol me on the treadmill...Every time!

I recently had an urge to do some journaling and this was my result (it was tough trying to find Black faces in my old magazines – cosmo, marie claire, real simple – maybe next year I’ll make a stronger attempt in subscribing to Black magazines. Any recommendations? || This picture is completely relevant to my life! Every time I’m on the treadmill I turn my volume up to not hear my legs “clapping”…

The weather today reminds me of the Philippines and thus fabulous picture!

The other day it was more than 26 degres outside and the temperature reminded me of my family’s trip to the Philippines. The original picture is one of the most memorable moments I’ve had during the trip.

8am stroll to the bus for work Had the platform all to myself until this person popped up

I feel sorry for night owls because I think morning is the most beautiful time of the day || The bus platform was empty until this figure appeared – it kinda freaked me out and I had to do a double take to make sure it was a person

Fearless, Shameless, Timeless @ insideout film festival

I volunteered with the Inside Out Film Festival this year and met some wonderful people – I also got to see three beautiful movies (one was free – Cloudburst; where the director and two major character had a Q&A session -because I was an usher and by chance it was the best screening out of all three) Check this youtube clip of my favourite part!

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