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I hope my april is just as exciting as my march was

The past few months have been pretty exciting and I was hoping that April would be just as action-packed, but that wasn’t the case. Pretty much this month consisted of study, exams, school, saying “see ya’ later” to a friend, socializing, and working a handful of shifts.

Scheduling a shitload of posts for my blog ftx2.wordpress.com #setitandforgetitTrying to get back into leisurely reading but Nabokov isn't making it easy #lolita

When I was supposed to be studying, I was blogging…but it helped because later on when I actually started studying and writing exams, I had pre-scheduled posts thus letting me take my mind off of the blog-o-sphere || I was trying to get back into leisurely reading by reading Lolita by Vadimir Nabokov, but not only does he have an extremely colourful vocabulary he also includes French phrases

So many curly haired people! Im in (blog) love <3What is flawless?

As a tumblr addict (here’s my tumblr) and a proud owner of a head of culrs, I’ve recently started following Fuck Yeah Curls Curls Curls and I was instantly in awe at all the adorable people rocking their locks || Felt a little low one day and took a picture of this from a magazine clipping

My growing button collection is SO much cooler than yours :)

My continuously growing button collection makes me proud. I don’t usually wear my buttons unless I’m wearing my A/X blazer, but when I get a denim jacket these bad boys are coming out to play  more often 🙂

Bored while waiting for the yrt bus Not the only one :)

While waiting for the YRT, I was bored and took a perspective picture || Internet comedy that is completely relevant to my life (because of being forced to watch scary movies as a child)

ONYX Society @ OCAD A few adjustment and my old thrifted necklaces are now wearable :) #fuckyeahcrafting

My friend won two OSO (Onyx Society at OCAD) buttons during the last sypher and we did a button exchange; I got her extra OSO and she received a “Straight but not Narrow” button from me || I adjusted these two thrifted necklaces, adding longer chains so they hang further from the neck and closer to the chest

Michael Buble at 6am <3 Complaining about family life

Feelin’ Sexy = listening to burlesque-themed music on 8tracks || My friend was sharing some issues with us at the Center

The globe and mail's article om voguing (& mention torontos kiki ballroom alliance <3) Finally reading for leisure again after countless months

On my way to a family gambling trip (yup we do that kinda stuff), I was surprised to find the Globe and Mail talked about the ballroom scene; they even mentioned Toronto Kiki Ballroom || As I mentioned earlier, I was trying to get through a book and finally made it through Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Hurston. It was tough because I’m not accustomed to accents from the islands; understanding the dialect when spoken is very different compared to reading it in print

Sexy time @ aisa's

Earlier this week we had to say “see ya’ later” to an amazing friend. They went back to Germany to write their thesis, and will be back in 3 months. I’m looking forward to see this person again.

Twister @ julis Transitional meeting for new yubsa board!

Playing twister the right way! || During YUBSA‘s transitional meeting; last term’s Board of Directors giving tips and opinions for the new term 🙂


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