March 2012 in 17 Pictures & 1 Video

My March was filled with so much procrastination…my life = (laughter/fun) is positively correlated with( horrid grades). Despite the knowledge that it will be hard to apply for scholarships, I wish to share with you my March Madness!

  1. Attended Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance‘s Army of Lovers Ball @ York University
  2. Bruised my butt with Supporting Our Youth (SOY) during their annual ski trip @ Mount St. Louis Moonstone
  3. Applied for York United Black Students Alliance‘s Board of Directors (YUBSA)
  4. Went for my G-class license
  5. Kink 101 Workshop at The Center for Women and Trans People @ York U
  6. Attended YUBSA‘s annual conference
  7. Participated in CWTP‘s Community Forum
  8. Partied hard during a friend’s birthday
  9. Supported the Onyx Society at OCAD‘s (OSO) Sankofa Cypher
  10. Attended Pleasures and Possibilities Conference @ the Sherbourne Health Center
  11. Laughed, cried, and sighed at the Vagina Monologues @ York University

Skiing with Supporting Our Youth @ Mt. St. Louis Moonstone

People who utilize Supporting Our Youth services were offered an opportunity to go on a free ski trip that is hosted every year. I took advantage of the opportunity and signed up ASAP. It was so much fun! Although I bruised my butt, fell on my face countless times, and went home in a soaking we sweater, it was an amazing experience. I can’t wait until next year 😀

Wonderful Group of People at The Center for Women and Trans People @ York Univeristy

Just a picture of some of the regulars at The Center for Women and Trans People at York University (CWTP).

Burlesque 101 Workshop; The StrutJuli Rocking the Boa

One of CWTP’s co-ordinators is a burlesque dancer who goes by the stage name Masti Khor. She hosted a Burlesque 101 workshop where we learned the history of burlesque, basic moves, and a simple routine. You can see 2 videos here & here.

Tassle Making Workshop at The Center for Women and Trans People at York University

In a follow-up workshop, the same co-ordinator hosted a tassel making tutorial where we learned how to make our own home-made tassels; which are surprisingly easy considering they are sold for $5+ depending on how detailed they are.

YUBSA's Roots Lounge Post-Performance FunYork United Black Students Allicane's Roots Lounge attendees

York United Black Students Alliance (YUBSA) hosted their annual Black Voices Conference and one of my favourite events is the Roots Lounge! Check out these videos |1|2|3|4|

During half-time, people came up to dance the azonto; somehow the video above became popular among YUBSA members but I found it hard to watch because of youtube’s automatic smoothing of camera movement.

YUBSA Black Voices Conference AtteendeesYUBSA's Keynote Speaker attendees

For the second last day of the conference,  YUBSA featured their keynote speaker and two wonderful workshops. Check out the full album here.

D-Lishus @ CWTP's Community forumCenter for Women and Trans People @ York University Community ForumKim Crosby & Niqua @ CWTP's Community Forum

CWTP hosted a community forum to discuss issues pertaining to the center and space users. The facilitators were Kim Crosby and D-Lishus. The forum really aired out some of the issues going on in the space, and hopefully when summer term rolls around the co-ordinators, collective, and volunteers will work together to make a better CWTP!

Elevator Fun
Happy 22nd Birthday Djellia!

A group of friends and I celebrated the lovely Djellia’s 22nd birthday. There was fancy cheese, nachos, mind-blowing dip, disarono, cake, and just dance for wii.

A group of friends and I went to the Sankofa Cypher hosted by Onyx Soceity at OCADU (OSO) which was an interactive event filled with amazing Toronto performers. I can’t wait until the next cypher.

To finish off my month, I attended a conference called pleasures and possibilities; more info can be found here if you’d like.

Whelp, that’s all for this evening. Thanks for reading 😀
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