February 2012 in 14 Photos + 1 Video

My February

This is my first ever February that has been so jam-packed with events. As a very shy and quiet person, I’m proud (yes, currently to the point of bragging) of all the events I attended this month. Although I spent more than I saved, I think attending each event was worth it. Each event was a journey; meeting new people, exploring what I love, and pushing boundaries. Sadly, I was fool and didn’t carry my camera with me, but I’ll list what I did:

  1. Toronto Kiki Ballroom Workshop (in York University’s Underground Restaurant)
  2. Onyx Cypher Poetry Lounge Event (held at OCAD)
  3. Volunteered at the Beating the Odds Conference (at Wilfrid Laurier University)
  4. What Makes a Man Conference (at Ryerson University)
  5. Got my first brazilian (with Aroma Wellness Clinic and Spa)
  6. Les Coquettes ( at The Revival)
  7. “Les Femmes Fatale” with Dainty Box (at the Galdstone Hotel)
  8. Yes Yes Ya’ll for the first time
  9. Young Black and Gifted (at the Jamaican Canadian Association)
  10. Trans Film Screening Series (at University of Toronto)
  11. Obeah Opera (at 918 Bathurst)
  12. Visited Zippers’ drag show
  13. Breast Fest 4
  14. Sexapalooza (at the International Center)
  15. Queering Black History Month (at Ryerson University)

Will Munro

Will Munro 2
This was one part of the Will Munro Exhibit at the Art Gallery of York University – “People, Power, Magic” an in-reach project by John Caffery. The other part was a series of workshops (voguing,runway, DJing, and announcing; which all are part of the queer ballroom scene).

Beating the Odds Conference
These are the attendees at Wilfrid Laurier Association of Black Student’s Beating the Odds Conference 2012. I volunteered at their conference as a “team leader”, and hopefully I will have more opportunties for pictures next year.

It was a really upsetting day at CWTP for Nisha’s last day as a coordinator, but we made the best of it with great company and lots of laughs.
Multicultural Week
York U decided to toss in a multicultural week into Black History Month. It is thoughtful yet thought-provoking.

Beautiful We did a workshop where we chose a cause/organization (one in Toronto and an international one) which we strongly supported, then wrote it on a sticky note. This was then stuck onto a map of the world, showing where people’s passions lie around the globe.

Here are tickets from two of the events I mentioned above, and of course, the events were amazing!

Breast Fest 4

Ever since watching Britta B perform during the Beating the Odds Conference this year, I am an avid supporter 🙂 It was a huge plus that I got to ride back to Toronto with her on the Go Bus.

Stuffed Peppers

I made some stuffing, hollowed out two peppers and shoved the stuffing into the peppers, finishing it all off with some grated cheese. So simple and delicious.
During "welcoming the new coordinators" event at CWTP 2
At The Center for Women and Trans People @ York U, we welcomed two new coordinators by chowing down on delicious goodies, laughing, and talking.
Kim Crosby at Ryerson's Queering Black History Month

Attendees at Ryerson's Queering Black History Month, watchin the House of Monroe

I finished off my month with Queering Black History Month at Ryerson U. It was a panel of important persons in the Toronto LGBTQ Black community to speak about our history and how they are currently expanding on it – (1) Dr. Wesley Crinchlow; (2) Patricia Koine; (3) David Lewis; (4) Kim Crosby. I adore Kim Crosby‘s passion for helping her community and she truly inspires me to do the same. I hope to find a mentor like her someday. Finally, the House of Monroe did a mini ballroom snippet which closed off the night.

And that was my February!

Tell me how your month went, how it is going, and/or what events you have planned out.

Thanks for reading.

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