Resolutions? Not This Time.

Day 90 - Facing Forward


I made a list of new years resolutions for 2011, and as always I’ve never completed them to the extent I hoped. So, instead of making resolutions I have some self-improvement actions I want to engage in more often & goals I want to achieve.



– Walk up 3 flights of stairs (minimum) without panting

– Save up enough money to move out

– Find another job

– Visit a new destination

– Increase my blog’s hit count


– Increase my cardio & weight-training (frequency and intensity)

– Engage in more creative activities

– Think smart in terms of money; save and spend wisely

– Floss more often

– Upgrade wardrobe – include more career-wear

– Blog (atleast) 2x per week

– Expand my cooking skills

– Network frequently

– Take more pictures

– Embrace independence

– Concentrate harder on learning french

Time is moving slowly, but soon enough it will be over. I want to embrace what I have and enjoy what I achieve, not regret what could have happened.


Tell me…have you made resolutions or goals for 2012?

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