Planner Essentials

With a few more accessories, my planner experience will be awesome!


I love using colours to organize (separate by subject, type, category, etc.) & create. Plus the bonus of the pen being “ultra fine” is better with this particular planner because of the line spacing (it bothers me writing out of the lines).

Washi Tape

Big pile of tape 2 [explored](Source)
I am one of those people who write on random scraps of paper. But instead of tossing them or transfering the info somewhere else, I tend to tape or glue the scraps in my planners/journals. Washi tape has been something new that I found out about by looking at craft blogs. Owning a set of them would add a unique pop of colour. A great place to find them is cutetape.



3 years ago, I went away for university. In the dorm, my desk was in the corner of the room and everytime I needed to write something down I had a stack of post-its. I’d jot down my thought, tack it on my wall and get on with my day. Ever since I’ve been in love. I currently own the 5 standard colours (yellow, blue, purple, green, and pink), but the thought of expanding my collection is exciting.

Thanks for reading!

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