Quo Vadis 2012 Planner

During a shopping spree, I bought a new planner for 2012. One of my favourite tumblr blogs (The Bakery and the Bee Hive) is where I was inspired to pick out a planner with a similar layout Megan uses.

I must have spent about 20 minutes in the journal/planner aisle deciding which I wanted. Here’s the one I picked out:

Quo Vadis Planner
Quo Vadis Planner (2)
This bad boy was $31.

Continue with pros/cons of the Quo Vadis.


  1. the paper’s texture is heavenly
  2. tonnes of writing space
  3. extras: a map of each continent, a receipts/payments page to track finances, phone book
  4. hourly layout
  5. perforated tabs to know where you are in the planner


  1. No monthly calendar (just small ones at the bottom of each page)
  2. Larger than my usual planner size
  3. ruled lines are pretty small
  4. Can’t add inserts (can’t include additional pages/non-expandable)


Another post about planner inspiration (here).

Thanks for reading!

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