Luxe Box (December)

Luxe Box (December)

1. Yves Rocher – Rouge Dragee Lipstick

Full size 3.5g ($5); I really like this lipstick. At first I thought the colour looked a little gross (it was because my lips were dry when I first applied it), but after using it as a lip stain* it made a huge difference, and looked excellent with my skin tone.

2. Yves Rocher – Italian mandarin shower gel

Full size 400 ml ($12); My friend is a big fan of yves rocher because it is an eco-friendly line. I’m not fond of citrus scents, so I think I might re-grift this for the future.

3. Nina Ricci – L’air du temps

Full size 50ml ($72); As soon as I tested this, I fell in love. It has such a sophisticated smell, but I feel there’s something missing. I would wear this during a gala or job interview.

4. Nina Ricci – Nina

Full size 50 ml ($65); I’ve received samples of  this particular scent before and I really liked the strong apple flavour with the hint of florals.

5. NYX – Slim Eye Pencil

Full Size 1g ($4); This was the second item I fell in love with. I stopped wearing eyeliner for a while because I couldn’t find one that glided on – eyeliner wearing individuals know. Usually I would have to layer the liner on my waterline to get the deep black I like. With this one, I did about 2-3 strokes and I was good. I highly recommend trying this pencil out if you are searching for a new eyeliner.

* lip stain technique = dab lipstick on with your fingers

And that’s all for my luxe box!

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